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Editors' Note: September 2023

Editors' note on the September 2023 issue of Reviews in Digital Humanities

Published onSep 25, 2023
Editors' Note: September 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 issue of Reviews in Digital Humanities!

We’re pleased to share reviews of projects that came through our open submissions process, where project directors submit their projects for inclusion. When we assemble open submissions reviews into issues, we sometimes struggle to identify themes between the diverse topics, disciplines, and methods within the projects. That’s not the case this month because, differences aside, the projects in this issue are deeply concerned with a question that’s important to us: how do we engage public audiences in the humanities?

In this month’s issue, we showcase:

  • Roswell Museum Federal Art Center, a digital exploration of the early history of the Roswell Museum and Art Center in New Mexico, directed by Sara Woodbury and reviewed by Meghan Ferriter;

  • African American History and Culture, a pedagogical website, directed by Terry Carter and reviewed by Alanna Prince;

  • Maine Digital Collaborative, a multimodal digital public humanities project, directed by John Muthyala and Lisa Hibl and reviewed by Henry T. Christopher and Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay; and

  • The Resemblage Project, a multimedia project exploring aging in Toronto, directed by Andrea Charise and reviewed by Judith Raiskin.

The Roswell Museum Federal Art Center and African American History and Culture are great examples of early stage projects committed to sharing historical and cultural contexts with new audiences. Particularly notable about these projects is how seeking peer review in early iterations of a project allows our reviewers to offer valuable feedback on future directions of the projects. Both Maine Digital Collaborative and The Resemblage Projects demonstrate how digital scholarship can bring new voices into the practices of digital humanities and forge important connections across life stages. The interventions possible across community divides are important, indeed.

We hope you enjoy learning about these deeply engaging projects!

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